1) A good fitting helmet is strongly advised when riding your bike

2) Mudguards should be used from 1st November to the end of February

3) Club jerseys should be worn on club runs as much as possible

4) On club runs you should be prepared with appropriate clothing, food and drink, money and a waterproof

5) Your bike should be kept in good working order and you should be prepared with a pump and spare tube

6) On club runs cycle in formation

7) Dangers on the road should be alerted clearly to the group either with hand signals or shouts

8) Mobile phones should not be used whilst riding

9) Everyone takes a turn on the front during club runs, but this will be governed by the strength of riders out and the captain

10) If at the back of the group, it is important to shout out if you notice riders being distanced or getting into difficulty

11) Rides will mainly be on the road. We try to avoid main roads but also be prepared for tracks…. (these are fun and you learn good bike handling skills)

12) Club meetings will take place regularly where club issues can be discussed.

13) Be punctual for club runs

14) When racing you will ride in the name of the club.

15) And remember… CYCLING IS FUN!