Memorable Moments

Last year we asked people to comment about their first experiences with the Braveheart club or their most memorable experiences… Here are some of the responses.

‘First ride with the bravehearts only 2 weeks ago. I was impressed by the pace, but then half way through the ride we went down a leaf littered off-road track, and hardly dropped pace! I jumped out of my skin and dropped right to the back. Needless to say I took a bad line, tore a hole through the wall of my tire and immediately punctured steering straight into a thick bed of bramble. Duff pulled back down from the front, shook my hand and said ‘Hello, is it Ed? You were unlucky there!’ That was the first time I spoke with Duff. Great! (My bike handling is improving…)’

‘First ride involved meeting the boys at the dovey and listening to things like “don’t worry if you puke on your first time out!” An hour later I was riding over heavy set cobbles, heading for lymm, really enjoyed it. Second ride my legs turned to mush and Hannah pushed me home along the Garston bypass. Still not put off by this I headed to delamere a week later with Duff and co. having arrived I thought how the hell am I going to make it home from here?! Sure enough though the Braveheart constitution delivered, with qualities such as encouragement miles from home, being able to do more than you think you can and arriving home with a real rewarding feeling that I had achieved something. Looking forward to improving myself thanks to the friends I’ve already made. I’ve ordered my kit…’ ‘My first ride was meant to be 2 hrs easy. But ended up at the top of hope mountain hurting like hell,even though I had to walk most of it. Still it was enjoyable and I went back there 2 weeks later and got to the top without walking. Thanks to duff Hannah and sean for all the help and especially duff’s hand of god now and again…………’

‘My first ride experience, was a saturday ride getting to know new people and learning Ian Terry worked with my dad for many years was nice and i was thinking am doing ok here haven made a show of myself to only then fall off not once but twice,with the thoughts”Things can only get better”. My second ride I met up with Duff Fawcett for the first time the Mystery Man and other high flyers on a wednesday run, being concious of not falling off and making a show again Duff told me to attack crank hill so I did not to bruise my ego again only to find out i completely burnt all my matches for the next hill(shealy Brow) were everyone whizzed pass me leaving me for dead… Duff Setup Maybe?????ha Spadgers ride was a great memory to,to find out after the ride we had professional cyclists around us,and the fact it was for a good cause and we had contributed as a club. But on a serious note think the Braveheart is a great club and realised how much i miss the group rides/people this week.Love the cafe stops,the banter but also the learning/training.Looking forward to get bike fit again and future group rides.Thanks to everyone who has made me feel welcome,even Duff after he reminded me I dropped my trousers in his house but the less we say about that the better……………………..’

‘Now then….picking “A” moment from this year is too tough as almost every run that I’ve done has had its own outstanding moments and events. But to name a few….Firstly i have to mention “the off road shelf” (will I EVER get around THAT corner) then there’s the social weekend where it was all about chains, recently the chrimbo ride, and the trip to crank and bender with that little ramp before it which apparently is 13%! But to anyone who has set out on a Saturday morning telling their better half that they’ll be back in “2 to 3 hours” I have one thing to say. STAY VIGILANT!!

‘I’m new to the club but my experiences so far include gale force winds and running through sand dunes bike on shoulder one week and then ice and floods that freeze your feet the next week but the biggest memory of all has been pushing myself harder than I would alone and having a good laugh with a great group of people. Cheers Bravehearts.’

‘I’d searched for a cycling club where my son Shaun could go and learn. You responded with such warmth and kindness and he was buzzing after his first ride! The start of an increasing obsession!’

‘Going to Bala and back was pretty memorable. It was my first Sunday ride and only my second ride with the club… Pouring with rain. 1.5 miles in of course I punctured, did I have a tube? Did I have a pump? errr…’

‘Having Dean Downing and the Yorkshire cycling glitterati sat on 4 Bravehearts at the end of Spadger’s Ride. Felt properly proud to be a Braveheart at the finish.’ ‘Church hill, with the Fawcett family. Riding across a live firing range, when the red flag was flying.’